Secrets to Writing a Bio People Really Want to Read


I love using the presentation software Prezi!


It takes a little getting used to, when first starting out. But it makes presentations so much better. It lets you take your audience on a guided tour of the information you want to show them.

It is visually appealing and helps people really follow along much better than with static slides. As you advance the shots, the Prezi literally zooms your audience through the presentation, so it’s more like a story than a speech.

I did this blog post as a Prezi. (It will come on the screen within about 60 seconds, so be a little patient. It will have a play arrow, like a video.)

To view this Prezi, I suggest having it on “Full Screen” mode, which you’ll be able to select under “More” in the menu bar. I also suggest using the arrows to advance and back up. Viewing it on Autoplay might take you too quickly through some shots and not quickly enough through others. You can pan and zoom in and out.

I’d love to hear what you think. And also how you think you’d use a Prezi. (I think, for some employers and some jobs, this would make a great resume presentation, as well.)

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  1. Secrets to Writing a Bio People Really Want to Read

    Becky, I just discovered you and this article/video. It’s great advice. I’m going to review my bio and change it. While it’s doing a lot of things you mention in this piece, I’m sure that I can improve upon it. I launched one successful startup about 15 years ago and am launching my next one now so my communications efforts on behalf of myself need to be ramped up. I’m great at helping others but it’s the old cobbler story when it comes to my personal communications. The shoemaker’s children run barefoot. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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