Please steal these writing tips for Kindergartners. Effective for you, too. Promise!

My five-year-old son’s class at school is studying a unit about mapping. His teachers, innovative and creative, always welcome ideas and interactions from parents.

I suggested a presentation about how maps could help the Kindergartners find their way in writing, too.

“Wouldn’t it be handy if more of us could think of writing as fun?”

Diagramming sentences and making detailed outlines snuff the fun out of writing. The more ways we can keep it exciting for children the more likely they are to enjoy it. That’s my theory, anyway.

Several teachers made writing really fun for me. It still is fun for me. And it’s important to my work — formerly, as a journalist and now, as a consultant.

These days, considering how important it is for many of us to create content, convey our ideas and persuade customers or colleagues, wouldn’t it be handy if more of us could think of writing as fun? Instead of as a chore, or as drudgery?

After creating the presentation for the Kindergartners, I realized it’d be just as good for grownups. When portrayed simply, tips such as these are more effective than when wrapped in the pretense of “professional development.” I’m all for learning at any age. But let’s get some grins with that growth!

Here, then, is that Prezi. It’s about mapping a story. It features beloved Harold, of the purple crayon fame.

Here’s another post about how to demystify messaging. And another one. You can, of course, hire someone whose specialty is communicating with any audience and strategically framing messages for impact, like my consulting company Gaylord LLC.

But, for all of those times when you’ve got to put your own pen to paper (or fingers on the keyboard) see if these tips make that easier and more fun! After you watch this, I’d love to hear what you think.

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