Effective content always tells a story people want to act on. Need proof? Read on…

Effective content sparks action and encourages conversation. The content can be words, design, video or a graphic — or conveyed through some other medium. But the point is to engage, interest and grab the attention of an audience.

That’s the first goal.

But once the content attracts the audience, it ought to hold them long enough for them to get the story, care about it and act on it.

So, here are the three steps of creating content:

  • Figure out how to capture the audience’s attention
  • Give them the story
  • Compel them, through the story, to act

Some content creators are good at the first step or two. But if the story doesn’t lead the audience to act (or buy, sign up, believe, follow, call or share) that’s not marketing content — it’s entertainment. Entertainment is fine, as long as you realize that it’s just entertainment.

If you want to market through creating content, put yourself in the audience as you create it. Make sure it’s clear what you are supposed to know and do. Did the story capture your attention? Did you want to stay to the end? Did you want to act? And how?

Put your content through this self-test before sending it out to help ensure it’s not just good, but effective. Like this video: pure and powerful content marketing…

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